Qi Li

Miles Qi Li  (李琦

Ph.D. student
Member of Data Mining and Security (DMaS) Lab
School of Computer Science, McGill University

Email: miles.qi.li AT mail.mcgill.ca

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(Updated on Feb. 3, 2018)

I'm data mining researcher with a strong technical background in machine learning theories. I having been doing research in applying deep learning to several natural language processing (NLP) tasks and developed many prototypes for all kinds of NLP tasks since Nov. 2015. I'm currently focusing on data mining for cyber security, healthcare and neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. Benjamin Fung.

Here are some resources I find great for machine learning students:

Andrew NG’s online course
Bishop’s book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Larry Wasserman’s book All of Statistics.
Deep Learning Tutorial
Hinton’s deep learning course

Here are some resources you can find up-to-date progress about deep learning and so on:

Deep Learning Community

I use the following tools to implement deep learning models:



From my experience, to be a deep learning researcher:

you should really love this field
you should also have a good mathematics foundation
you should try your best to understand the theories of machine learning models instead of just using them
you should implement the models and evaluate them on some real-life datasets


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